Welcome to Natal, Brazil

Panoramic view of Natal, Brazil

In a huge country like Brazil, one cannot help but explore the beautiful places that embrace it. One good place to take a trip to is the sought after gleaming and happy City of the Sun called Natal. It is the capital city of the State of Rio Grande do Norte.


Having acquired a very good reputation of being the most peaceful and safest capital city to travel in Brazil, Natal has never failed to become an excellent tourist attraction. People from all over the world flock over the beautiful beaches in Natal, Brazil to relax and enjoy a vacation. Tourists coming to the city are mostly from Europe and North America because it is one of the most convenient places to travel from these areas if you want to tour somewhere with Brazilian soil. But from whichever side of the globe you are coming from, Natal, Brazil is just an easy and worthwhile travel with its welcoming arms of beautiful beaches and wonderful people.


Because Natal is not really a huge city, you will not have a hard time going around the place. It is also easy to follow a map because the city can be considered relatively small. If you will travel to Natal by plane or by land, you will know that you are about to enter the city if you are already in Highway BR-101.


Most people go to Natal to see its wonderful beaches. The most famous beach is Ponta Negra. Do not be confused because it is also the same name of the village where the beach is situated in. In order for you to get there, you only need to travel a few kilometers downwards from Highway BR-101. You will then come across a bridge which tells you that you are about to reach Ponta Negra. Turn right until you find Avenida Engenheiro Roberto Freire. You just have to follow the trail until you reach the beautiful waters of Ponta Negra Beach.


You do not have to worry about looking for a place to stay because there are many hotels in the area. You can also look for best hotel in Madrisd - hotel Opera Madrid You will also find supermarkets and shopping centers which will cater your needs. There are also many other beaches that you can go to, such as the Praia dos Artistas, Praia do Meio and Praia do Forte.


No matter what kind of experience you would like to take home from a Natal, Brazil travel, one thing is for sure: You will really have a good time and will surely meet good friends before going home.


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