Natal Beaches

Natal Beaches

The rustic and wild beauty defining the state of Rio Grande do Norte is best showcased in the beaches of Natal. The City of the Sun does not just boast of 300 sunny days every year, it also features cliffs, fascinating sand dunes, natural pools that form on a low tide, and of course, cool and calming wind.


Northeastern Coast


On the northern coast of the city, one can enjoy the beaches of Redinha and Genipabu. Redina is a perfect destination for those who want a more laidback beach setting. Here, tourists can simply enjoy the beauty of the beach by sitting on one of the kiosks while enjoying a tasty ginga com tapioca. Those who want some adventure on the other hand will have the time of their life in Genipabu. With the beach’s lagoon and sand dune, a day isn’t enough to slow down with the adrenaline rush. Sand surfing and buggy rides are just two of the main activities beachgoers enjoy in Genipabu.

Southern Coast


Going south of the city, tourists will find more beach options. Among these are Praia do Forte which is a small beach yet with calm waters, the Praia dos Artistas and Praia do Meio which are both famous surfing stops in the city, and the Areia Preta which showcase dark sands (staying true to the literal meaning of its name).


Ponta Negra, still on the southern coast of the city, offers two options to beachgoers: one, a quite setting, the other, busier with more people, restaurants, and kiosks. As these different set-up are just on the two ends of the beach, beachgoers will have the choice of how they want their beach experience will be.


For families, Praia do Cotovelo is a favorite. Its warm and calm waters are perfect for kids and kids-at-heart. Surrounding the beach are summer homes that mostly belong to the locals.


Another interesting beach at Natal’s southern side is the Pirangi do Norte which is famous mainly for its cashew tree that’s considered to be the world’s largest. The beach is an ideal spot to do kitesurfing for its strong yet friendly wind.


Buzios, one of the largest beaches on the city’s southern coast, is often frequented by those who are surfing and snorkeling enthusiasts. For those who want to get closer to Arituba, one of Natal’s many lagoons, the Camurupim is the place to be. The beach is popular for its beautiful reefs, sand dunes, and calm waters.


The list for Natal beaches does not end here. Checking the city, you will find more of these interesting and fascinating beaches.


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