Natal for free


Going to Brazil for a vacation does not come cheap. When you are in Natal though, you’ll find that a Brazilian trip doesn’t have to be all about spending. Below are some of the things that you can enjoy in the city for free.


Free Attractions


The capital of Rio Grande do Norte boasts of a number of attractions that can be enjoyed without even bringing out your wallet. Among these is the Fortes dos Reis Magos which should never be missed for its spectacular view of the city coast. Its historic value is an added come-on among tourists.


Aside from giving a great site for photo opportunities, the 150 steps one has to take to make it on top of Farol de Mae Luiza is also an exciting adventure in the city that costs less or nothing at all.


Sightseeing trips in the city are cheap, and sometimes, for free, so grab this opportunity to make the most of it by taking a snap on those well-preserved historic structures. Some of the buildings that you should have a photo with is the Palacio Felipe Camarao which dates back in 1922 and houses the city administration, the Pinacoteca do Estado at Palácio Potengi, and the Theatro Alberto Maranhão which dates in the 19th century.


With its many beaches, it will not be hard for tourists to find one that does not require an admission fee. A few of the reasons why some beaches in Natal ask for expensive fees are its facilities and amenities. If you choose one that is less developed than the other, you would have saved yourself from additional expenses.




Brazil is famous for its extravagant carnivals. And while most cities in the country hold the celebration a week before Lent, Natal is a bit of a deviant holding its carnival on the first week of December.


Affectionately referred to as “Carnatal”, Carnival celebration in the city is very popular featuring exciting events that are mostly open to the public for free! During these days, the city is filled with music, songs, and drinks that are shared and enjoyed by everybody, locals and tourists alike.


But although there are indeed a number of things that one can enjoy in Natal for free, what’s actually priceless is the whole experience you spend in the city. No one can put a price on the city’s great weather – allowing you to explore the city freely and more comfortably, the smiles you’ve shared with the locals, and the learning and excitement you will bring with you at home. Priceless.


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