Gay scene in Natal, Brazil

Gay scene in Natal, Brazil

The GLS (Gays, Lesbians, and Supporters) Community in Brazil grows stronger everyday. Each city in the country has their own gay scene to showcase its openness to the third sex. In fact discrimination in Brazil based on sexual option is considered a crime. Civil liberties organizations are pushing the empowerment of the gays through laws.


Natal, being a libertarian city is another gay-friendly place. Visiting the city, you will see that there is never any hostility against the lesbians and gays. The GLS community mixes well with any other people in the city. In an authoritative Brazilian guide, Natal is given 2 stars out of the possible 3 stars as far as its attractiveness to gay tourists is concern.


Ponta Negra


Many of Natal gay guides will point tourists to Ponta Negra. This is mainly because the area is the heart to the city’s gay scene. Just a few kilometers large, Ponta Negra is located on the southern coast of Natal. Its two ends showcase 2 different settings for its tourists; one quiet and relaxing, the other bustling with restaurants and bars. The latter side of the beach serves as rendezvous among gays, especially at night. The beach parties are vigorous enough for everyone to enjoy. Its food, drinks, and most of all, its sights, will give the gays a comfortable feeling to mingle with everyone.


Bars and Clubs


Although gays can practically go to any bars and clubs in the city without having to worry about getting discriminated, there are particular spots in Natal that cater specially to the gays. Two of these establishments are Vogue Natal in (+55 84 3223-4228) in R. Amaro Barreto nº 1350 Alecrim and Avesso Clubber (+55 84 221-1282) in Av. Rio Água Vermelha, nº166 Parque Industrial. Vogue is famous for having double space that gathers a lot of beautiful people from the city and neighboring places, while Avesso is known for having drag shows at night.


Aside from the clubs and bars, Natal also has saunas exclusive for gays. One of which is Termas Sol (+55 84 3202-9701 / 9985-9775) in Coronel Flaminio, 42 Santos Reis.


Being in a Brazilian city, expect a more liberal and open environment. Whether you are straight or gay, everyone will have a great time in Natal. Although these clubs cater to the gays, this doesn’t mean that straights cannot join in the party; the same way that the gays can party everywhere in the city.


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