Natal Nightlife

Natal Nightlife

Natal is a very good place to experience a good and unforgettable vacation. Famous for its beaches and wonderful weather, there are indeed a lot of things and activities you can choose to do during your stay in the city. When you think about Natal, a number of fun daytime activities can be considered and enjoyed such as sun bathing, playing beach volleyball and day swimming.


However, that is just not about it. There are also quite a number of fun activities you can do during the night. Nightlife in Natal is indeed very amusing, adventurous and lively. Yes, it is a small city and thinking of small cities, it is easy to think of it sleeping early during the night; but not Natal. Considering that tourism in Natal is flourishing, having an active and wonderful nightlife is just what it is supposed to be.


During the night and even on full moons, it is more than amazing to enjoy a night swimming in whichever beaches you might want to in Natal. This is because of the very fine weather that the city has. The weather during the night is fairly warm which is why a lot of tourists enjoy swimming during the night equally as during the day. If you are not a day person or if you simply do not want to get a tan, night swimming in Natal is really great for you and your friends.


Natal also has pubs and bars where you can enjoy a lot of good music brought by a number of good local bands. One good place to visit is Chaplin. This place is famous in Natal because it is relatively peaceful yet is still very lively, plus the good music that it gives the visitors. There is also Zas-Tras, a regional music house where you can enjoy satisfying northeast rhythm such as samba and frevo. Here, you can enjoy dancing to traditional music and folk dances where you can appreciate the colorful Brazilian culture of dance and music. You can also choose to experience disco in the main roads of Praia da Pipa. There are a lot of pubs and nightclubs there where you can enjoy dancing with different people. This is also a very nice chance to meet new friends. If you are in Ponta Negra, Samba can also be a very good club to go to during the night. It is a very good place if you want to enjoy night swimming and good music and dancing right after.


If you would like to watch and enjoy regional shows during the night, you can also go to the Centro de Turismo.


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