People from Natal



Natal, Brazil boasts not only of its beautiful beaches, its warm weather and its reputation of being the safest place to stay in the whole of Brazil, but also of the wonderful and friendly people in the city. Residents from Natal, Brazil are called Natalenses. Most of them speak Portuguese since it is the primary language in Natal.


The City of the Sun has a population of 778,000 people which is rapidly growing due to the flourishing tourism of the city. In fact, a lot of tourists have decided to stay in Natal for good because of the very good weather and the safety it provides to the settlers.


There are also a number of nice places to visit in Natal which is why a lot of people come and eventually love the place. Of course, this is also because of the friendly Natalenses that will surely make your stay in the city worthwhile. It is very easy to make friends with them. However, since Portuguese is the main language being used by the Natalenses and most of them have difficulty in speaking English, it would be wise to equip yourself with a foreign dictionary if you really want to make friends with a lot of Natalenses during your stay.


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