Places of interest in Natal, Brazil

Places of interest in Natal, Brazil

In spending a break or vacation, may it be long or short; it is only of the essence to include in your trip a visit to the famous sites that can be found in the place where you would like to have an exciting experience. Visiting famous parks, monuments or any landmark will not only be enjoyable but can also be educational in the sense that you will be acquainted with the place even more. This will also be a very good remembrance to bring along when you go back to your own home. So be sure to equip yourself with a camera to make your vacation worth it.


Natal, Brazil has a lot of beautiful places where you can come and visit, aside from its beautiful beaches. The city is not only sought after by many tourists for its wonderful waters but also of its rich culture and the number of places worth coming over. For one, you can come and visit Barreira do Inferno Rocket Launching Base which is near Cotovelo Beach. This place is famous for the meteorological rockets being launched here. A lot of scientists and people interested to see real huge rockets often go to the area to witness the actual launching. It is a really nice place to visit because of the wide area plus the cool weather of Natal.


Another place that Natal boasts of is the Pirangi. This is one of the most visited spots in Rio Grande do Norte. Natal is indeed very proud of this place for it was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for housing the world’s tallest cashew tree. There are a lot of buildings and roads found in Pirangi and you will also enjoy several delicacies in the many restaurants found here. You can also enjoy snorkeling in the natural pools and wonderful reefs in the area.


If you want to go shopping, Centro de Turismo is perfect for satisfying your shopaholic self. For a trivia, Centro de Turismo was once a prison building before it was turned into a shopping center. You can buy anything that you need in this famous market in Natal from clothes and food to puppies and souvenirs. There are also several restaurants where you can enjoy the local Natal food and drinks. You will surely enjoy your shopping since the prices are very reasonable and bargaining is also welcome.


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