Natal real estate

Natal real estate

Situated in Brazil’s northeastern tip, Natal is the city closest to the point separating Europe and Latin America. It is known to have one of the best climates in the country, thus the tag, “City of Sun”. Because of this, Natal offers a very attractive real estate option.


There are many reasons why investing or buying a real estate property in the city is good. For one, the Rio Grande do Norte capital has a warm and welcoming setting. Its beautiful beaches add to its attraction, especially among tourists. Whilst it provides a relaxing and peaceful environment, the city is not without modern facilities like good hospitals, shopping malls, trendy bars, and restaurants serving both local and international cuisines. With about 800,000 inhabitants, Natal is neither too big nor too small to maintain a balance between tranquility and modernity.


Throughout the region, the city is one with the most number establishments offering accommodation services. For this reason, many important events in the state, even in the country, are held in the city at times. In 2014, Natal will be among the host cities of the FIFA World Cup.


What real estate properties to buy


Real estate properties commonly sold in the central part of the city are tower blocks of apartments. Those sold on Natal’s coastline range from small to medium sized condominiums; properties, like private villas and apartments are also offered for sale. Be informed though that those properties in the coastline of the city are not towering at all as building restrictions do not allow for high buildings.


Natal is also a perfect place to buy Brazilian home properties as they make very good value for money. With the city’s growing and booming economy, home properties in the city are great investments.


Wise and experienced investors would really tell you to invest on lands and house properties as they never depreciate in terms of value. – Much more if it is in a city as promising as Natal.


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