Rio Grande do Norte

Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil

Natal, Brazil is the capital city of the state Rio Grande do Norte. The name of the state literally means “The Great River of the North.” It is located in the northeastern part of Brazil and boasts of having the purest and cleanest air in the whole of America. Rio Grande do Norte is famous for its beautiful sands and the warm weather making it a very nice place to enjoy the beaches.


Tourism keeps Rio Grande do Norte’s economy alive and fruitful. It is also a large producer of petroleum since oil is being extracted in the state. It is also rich in agriculture especially in the growing of fruits and extraction of minerals.


As to population, the state is indeed growing annually because of its tourist attractions. There are more or less 3,153,000 people living in Rio Grande do Norte which is dominated by Brown people. There is also a significant number of White people living in the place. Portuguese is the primary language being used in the state. Because of this, it is also the very same language being used as medium of instruction in schools. However, they have Spanish and English as part of their curriculum.


Rio Grande do Norte is also famous for its beautiful buildings and in fact ranks second among other states for best in infrastructure according to a research Fundação Dom Cabral. It also ranks ninth in the whole country of Brazil.


Although it is the smallest state in Brazil, Rio Grande do Norte is flourishing with quite a number of tourist spots mostly found in its capital city which is Natal. Lots of tourists often decide to invest in the area due to its very nice weather and its reputation of being the safest place to stay in the entire state. There are also a lot of restaurants, pubs and other historical areas to visit in the state of Rio Grande do Norte.


There are a lot of reasons to visit Rio Grande do Norte. One is because it houses the largest cashew tree in the world. The beaches around the state are also paradise-like that you will surely be able to enjoy a wonderful vacation with your family and friends in one of it. Aside from that, the state also boasts of very friendly people and good transportation and communication lines. Efforts to improve hotels are also consistent due to the increasing number of tourists that visit the place.


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