Travelling to Natal



If you want to go traveling to Natal, Brazil, you will need to choose whether you take the bus or the plane. You cannot reach the municipality through sea since the port in Natal is strictly intended for cargo ships.


If you take the plane, you will be taking off at the International Airport Augusto Severo. However, this airport is relatively far from the city. This means that you will still need to take a not really long drive since the airport is situated in the city of Parnamirim, a conurbation of Natal, Brazil. In the airport, you can visit the tourist office and ask about the things you need to know. You can also avail of the free materials that they provide. From the airport, you will then need to take a 15 to 20 kilometer travel to get to the center of Natal. The distance can vary according to the place where you plan to stay. However, if you have availed of a package tour, make sure that a bus is going to pick you up from the airport. If you are going there independently, you can also choose to rent a car or ride a taxi.

On the other hand, if you travel to Natal, Brazil by bus, you will be arriving at Rodoviaria Cidade do Sol as the final stop. You can also find a tourist center there to accommodate you. Just outside the gate of the station, you will find taxis which will take you to Natal.


There is a huge number of airline companies offering flights to Natal, mostly charter lines for tourists. But the city is becoming one of the main airports for connections in Brazil and everyday more companies offer tickets for business purposes like – Corporate Travel services. We’ll be listing other companies here as soon as we’ve collected more information about them.


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