Natal weather

Natal weather

When you hear about Natal being called the “City of the Sun,” this should already give you an idea about the city’s weather – sunny. Located on the northeastern end of the country, Natal, which is also referred to as the “City of Dunes,” is said to have 300 days of sunny days in a year. It has a tropical climate with temperature ranging from warm to hot.


The warmest month in Natal is January, while the coolest is July. However, despite being tagged the warmest and coolest months in the city, one should remember that this is Natal, and temperatures cannot really go extreme. That means whether its January or July, everybody can still enjoy the sights and attractions in the city wearing their most comfortable clothes.


Despite the long sunny days in Natal, one can hardly call it a dry area since rainfalls still occur in the city, particularly on the months between March and July. And with its tropical rainforests, the city is simply a paradise for those who want some relaxing atmosphere.


Natal weather makes any visit to the city more fun and enjoyable. It makes trips to its beaches more relaxing while giving you more options for beach and other outdoor activities.


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